Getting started with Huawei Command Line


Your boss in your company has chosen you to be the IT Manager of the company. The junior engineer  has deleted all configurations on the routers by mistakes of the small network in your company which consists of 2 Routers, so you mission is to make the necessary changes needed to bring the routers operationals

Your tasks are:

Find the VRP OS Version, Device model and startup time for your both routers.
Set a new Hostname for both Routers.
Set a console password to increase the security access on the router.
Add a login banner when someone log to the Routers.
Set the idle timeout of the console to 20 min.
Put an IP address on both routers interfaces and ensure that they are operational.
Set a description on both interfaces.
Save your configuration so in case any of the routers is rebooted then you don’t lose the configuration.
  • Getting started with Huawei Command Line
  • Ken Kennedy

    This is great learning resource will help me a great deal. the fear of handling Huawei network devices will disappear into thin air with my mission of hoping to get certified on HCNA