Connect your MikroTik router to the internet and configure it as a wireless Access Point


You have decided to purchase a MikroTik Hap lite router and use it as your accept point to provide internet service to users at your SOHO.

Your tasks are:

Make Ether1 port your WAN internet, and get a dynamic IP address on it from your ISP.
Check whether you received the public IP on Ether1 and ensure that your router is online.
Configure your WLAN interface with WPA2 key security, using 802.11 b/g/n. Select the most empty frequency.
Enable DHCP Server on your WLAN interface.
Enable NAT from your Internal private IP address to be Natted on the internet.
Connect your PC to the WLAN.
Check if your PC has received an IP address from the DHCP Server and that it is online.