Connect 2 MikroTik router wirelessly and distribute wireless internet connectivity from the 2nd Router


You work in a company which has 2 MikroTik Routers. The 2nd MikroTik needs to provide internet to another range of users wirelessly, and there are no possibility to connect 2 cables between the routers. For this reason, you have decided to connected the 2 routers wirelessly to be able to provide the internet connectivity to other PCs via another wireless radio.

Your tasks are:

Connect the 2 routers Wirelessly by configuring Mikrotik 2 router as a station to Mikrotik
Provide an IP address to WLAN1 of Mikrotik2 (to be received automatically from Mikrotik1 ).
Check if the Mikrotik2 is online.
Download and install the package needed (wireless-rep) so Mikrotik2 can have another wireless radio to act as an access point.
Configure a Virtual bridge WLAN2 on Mikrotik2 with SSID Labtest
Configure a DHCP service on WLAN2 interface with a range of
Provide WLAN2 an IP of
Configure NAT the subnet is permitted to be Natted to the internet.
Connect your laptop to the wireless Labtest and check if you have internet. Same on your android phone.

Wireless-rep lab