Configure Static route, Static default route & Floating route on Huawei Routers


Your company consists of 2 routers connected with each others on 2 GE interfaces. At each end of the routers there are networks connected which they should be able to communicate with each others.

Your tasks are:

Add IP addresses on interfaces as shown in the graph.
Justify that both routers are connected correctly.
Issue a static route from R1 to the network of R2 with equal load balancing on both interfaces.
Issue a default static route from R2 to the network of R1 with equal load balancing on both interfaces.
Justify that you can reach both networks.
Make the link of G0/0/0 the main route while the link on G0/0/1 the alternative route.
Justify that the link on G0/0/1 make failover route when the link on G0/0/0 goes down.


  • Abraham Hadush

    how to configure Cisco 2960 over huawei switch S5700 plz can u help me