Configure Spanning-Tree & Rapid STP on Huawei switches


After studying STP & RSTP protocols, you have decided to make some practice lab and check how spanning-tree works.

Your tasks are:

Check what is the default spanning-tree mode on the 2 routers and make it STP.
Make SW2 the root bridge and SW1 the secodary root bridge using the “stp root”command, and justify if the change is done correctly.
Undo the previous command. Which one of the switch is now the root bridge?
Use the “root priority” command to change the root bridge to the 2nd switch.
Check what is the status of the interfaces on both switches.
Change the alternate port by using the priority port
Change the alternate port by using the cost path command
Let the switch ports connected to the PC be excluded from the STP configuration.
Issue an extended ping from first PC to the 2nd PC, then shutdown the workable link. How long does it take for the network to come up again?
Change the stp mode to RSTP and justify.
Repeat same point 9. How long does it need for the network to come up?

Lab picture